Seeds pack a big punch!

It’s the little things that mean the most.

No one knows this better than mothers! The thank yous from loved ones, or that amazing feeling when someone else does those house chores without asking! I’m here to share some other little things that make you feel good. Seeds!

Very underrated in my opinion, seeds (all kinds) are those little things that pack a big punch.

Seeds are a great source of fibre, fibre is so important for our gut health. It provides food to help those good bacteria thrive. Happy gut, happy mum! The bacteria in our gut play such an important role in our digestive system health, immune system and mood (crazy, I know!).

Seeds are also a source of healthy fats, I’m talking improving cholesterol, blood pressure, and lots of other great things. We can’t forget they also provide us with vitamins and minerals, essential for mums everywhere to function at their best!

Some of my favourites seeds are:

–       Linseeds

–       Pumpkin seeds

–       Sunflower seeds

–       Chia seeds

I like to use seeds in my baking (e.g. banana bread), homemade muesli bars, toast toppers (peanut butter and pumpkin seeds with some honey is a winner), sprinkle on top of cereal/muesli, throw in smoothies, and we can’t forget making some chia pudding!

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Naomi Fitzpatrick

Nutritionist and Student Dietitian

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