Whole grains – a wholehearted choice.

Whole grains are a wholehearted choice.

Hot tips for mums everywhere, don’t be afraid of carbohydrates! Carbohydrates include foods such as fruit, starchy vegetables (e.g. potato and corn), dairy products, and grains. Carbohydrates provide us with our bodies main source of fuel, glucose (a sugar). There can often be misconception around the grain containing foods (such as bread, rice and pasta) to be ‘evil’, ‘weight gaining’ ‘bad’, because they contain sugar.

What is often not told about the grains food group is while they contain ‘sugar’, this sugar is what our body uses for energy every moment of everyday. Also, they contain a myriad of other wonderful nutrients and beneficial food components. There are some great whole grain options out there that are a healthy choice for mums, and their loved ones.

Whole grains are a great source of many B vitamins, and minerals such as iron, magnesium and selenium. Not only that, but they are another delicious way to get our daily fibre intake. For women we aim to feed those friendly bacteria bugs in our gut 25g a day.

Some great whole grain options, that will provide you with long lasting energy and fullness, are:

–       Oats

–       Cous cous

–       Whole grain barley flakes or hulled barley (pearl barley is not technically a whole grain is still a good grain option that will provide fibre)

–       Brown rice (while not whole grain basmati rice is still a great option for grains, variety is the key!)

–       Quinoa

–       Whole wheat pasta

–       Whole grain spelt flakes

–       Whole grain rye flakes

–       Popping corn

Explore the variety of grains you have available. Trying different grains, and getting a variety of whole grains is a great way fuel your body to be your best every day!


Naomi Fitzpatrick

Nutritionist and Student Dietitian

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